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Online Course 

Know Your Mind


NOW ONLY $110!

The Know Your Mind course is a video-based program that utilizes acting and improvisation techniques to enhance emotional intelligence.


This self-paced course aims to assist individuals in decreasing anxiety, enhancing self-assurance, and improving communication skills with others.


The program has also demonstrated a 73% reduction in stress levels.


Limited time price - only $110!

Huge Benefits! 

  • Receive 1 salary point for LA Unified school district teachers 

  • Receive 3 CEU's for Wyoming teachers or anyone in Wyoming that needs CEU credit

  • Not boring and very entertaining

  • Self paced

Know Your Mind - landing page V2 Flyer 2-1.png
“By far the BEST way to earn CEU credits ever! I was not bored at all!!!"
"This course was the best online course I have ever enrolled in. I was engaged the entire time"
“WOW - As a teacher this was the best way I have ever earned a salary point”
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